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Salvatore Handpans

Dan’s Handpan journey started back in 2015, where he got his first pan, after many years of dreaming of owning one. This led him to start busking with his pan, which really helped with Dan’s growth as a person and finding his path. Years later, Dan has put countless hours, blood, sweat and tears into perfecting his skills as a Handpan maker, and has become known as a trustworthy and dedicated maker of these beautiful instruments.

“My aim as a Handpan maker is to use Handpans as a tool with which to connect people on a collective level. Whether it be through busking, workshops, gatherings or sound healing, I feel the Handpan is so much more than just an instrument. It has given me a real purpose in life, and I just want to be able to offer people the same opportunity.”


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