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One thing that sets me apart from other makers is that I offer two distinct types of pan: an entry-level budget pan for beginners and those with limited funds who want to get into pan-playing, as well as a high-level, premium quality stainless steel model . Part of my drive is to make these incredible instruments more accessible and the world of handpan music more inclusive. See below for information about the two types of pan I make, click here for colour finishes, and here for scales and musical information. 


Do not hesitate to get in touch and Dan will be more than happy to answer any queries you have.


Stainless Pans

Stainless Handpans are a bespoke premium Pan offering a prolonged sustain, which allows for a more expressive and dynamic playing range. A Stainless Pan instantly feels like a premium instrument. Through the extraordinary resonance, responsiveness, and depth of the sound, the lightest of touches will bring the pan to life.

Natural finishes vary from batch to batch of the metal. Current achievable natural finishes include the copper/brown with elements of pink/purple, or a light gold/yellow. Alternatively a purple finish can be applied, which does not effect the resonance in any way.


These Pans start at £1,250.


Raw Pans

Raw Pans, are budget-friendly entry-level Pans, aimed at people seeking their first pan and wanting to get into the Handpan world without breaking the bank. 
Dan’s Raw Handpans undergo the same dedicated tuning process and quality control checks as his Stainless Pans. The end result is a robust stable Pan made to last, that will hold its tuning and encapsulate the joy that Handpans have to offer the world.

Raw Pans come in two finishes: a blue base line finish with purple finish on top, or a natural finish achieved through annealing colour spectrum. Please note that Raw Pans are highly susceptible to rust and require keeping oiled at all times, although rust does not affect or hinder the sound in any way and is purely cosmetic.


These pans start at £550.

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